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mission: get your partner to guess what you’re listening to by acting out the song that’s playing in your earphones

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actor jung ilhoon

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140325 BTOB- Hello Mello (●´∀`●)
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Hidden 사랑합니다


Now this is what the Chinese fans have spotted on Baidu. Might be a bit hair-rising.

The words that DMJ was unable to say: 사랑합니다

This was found in every single episode.

So I went to do my own digging and found this. See the words in green.


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

zooming in:


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✰ 웨은 ✰
안녕하세요 웨은 입니다.
∞ 양요섭 정일훈 ∞